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30 min early for X-men: Apocalypse and how does that feel? #neutral

Today is June 11 and #weareearly.



My target time to arrive at the hospital was 10 am and I am here 10 minutes early. I feel I could’ve spent more time at the charity breakfast for IDAHOT I was attending.

As a side note: Check out the great work Qmunity do, and consider supporting them with a donation. I do.

Today is May 13 and #iamontime.  


Today we made it on time to DOXA, Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver.

We watched “We Call Them Intruders” a documentary about Canadian companies involvement in inhumane mining practices in Africa.

The movie starts at 645 pm. We arrived at the site at 630 pm which allowed us to pick up the tickets and record the video. 

The key was having had parked the car hours earlier. So we were already in the area. To make it 15 min. early we had to run. We got the seats we wanted, it was stress-free.

Relying on your legs for running is a safer bet than the fantasy of finding rock-star parking at the last minute.

Today is May 7th 2016 and #weareontime.


The target time for STRUT Launch Event was 7 pm. We arrived, and were already parked, by 630 pm.

STRUT is a fundraiser by the Foundation of Hope in support of LGBT refugees to Canada. FOH’s mandate is most timely given the current immigration humanitarian crisis.

What is so enticing about being late? What is so disappointing about being early?

#earlyisontime #ontimeislate #lateisunacceptable

Today is Apr. 23 2016 and #weareontime.


We are at a movie Theater in Vancouver about to watch The Boss
We arrived 20 min. before the movie start time.

The idea is to build better time management skills. One way to achieve that is to plan to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the target time. We are hindered by the feeling of wasting 15 min. from our shrinking free time on our schedules, or at least so we perceive. Luis had an idea to fill that apparently wasted 15 min. by creating a blog or vlog about time management. We are no experts we are just horrible at it and thus we decided to share.

#earlyisontime #ontimeislate #lateisunacceptable


Luis & Hasan

Today is April 23rd 2016 and #weareontime