• Swim practice at Seattle University
  • Target time 6:45pm
  • Arrived at 6:35
  • Today I am on timish

When one tries to be just on time, the energy,maneuvering and shortcutting that takes place is much higher compared to the pace one takes knowing that we will probably be on time or early.

This 15-minute investment we are contemplating in this blog is really more like 30 real life minutes spent.

Today is May 9 2016 and #iamontime.


Today we made it on time to DOXA, Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver.

We watched “We Call Them Intruders” a documentary about Canadian companies involvement in inhumane mining practices in Africa.

The movie starts at 645 pm. We arrived at the site at 630 pm which allowed us to pick up the tickets and record the video. 

The key was having had parked the car hours earlier. So we were already in the area. To make it 15 min. early we had to run. We got the seats we wanted, it was stress-free.

Relying on your legs for running is a safer bet than the fantasy of finding rock-star parking at the last minute.

Today is May 7th 2016 and #weareontime.